2022 Books

Published on Jul 4, 2023
Topics: Books

Still catching up on content from 2022, here's all the books I read. I read a lot less in 2022, and only 1 fiction book. Thinking back to 2022 I don't know what I was doing with my time.

  • How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell - this was great, and I still think about some of the chapters and information in it.
  • Essex County by Jeff Lamire - a great, kind of sad book
  • Ikigai the Japanese Secret to a Long and Healthy Life by Hector Garcia - this was good, focus on finding meaning in your actions, and eating well are most of what I remember from it
  • Blueprint for Revolution by Srdja Popovic - an interesting book with some decent information. Taking down dictators and evil regimes using humor and other tactics to expose the oppressors as incompetent or to force them in to plainly being evil when they use violence to tamp down resistance.