Elden Ring

Published on Jul 29, 2023
Topics: Video Games, Elden Ring, Tears of the Kingdom

Still catching up on posts from 2022.

Elden Ring is an amazing game. So much fun, so much difficulty. So much gross in some areas. From the blistery, wet, gross enemies to the beautiful vistas the game is a pure adventure. I loved every minute in it - and I put in nearly 100 hours playing it. I used the samurai class (named Mitsu) the whole time and had a lot of fun.

The story was nothing to me. I read a couple of articles about how some statue means something and how the environmental storytelling is amazing - but I found it so subtle that I completely missed it. Simple man that I am I just like to walk in hack and slash and move on. If there is a story you really got to hit me with hit.

An automatic journal would have been nice to track adventures and quests. It doesn't have to be like every other open world game where I'm just moving from glowing marker to the next, but something that could at least track important pieces of conversations would have been great.

One benefit to posting this late is that I now have a 150 hours in to Tears of the Kingdom. These are different games, with the same goals and I think Tears of the Kingdom does some things better, and Elden Ring does other things better. When I get to a TOTK post I'll include a paragraph there. For now I'll just that TOTK is my preferred open world adventure.